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Casual Dinner outfit ideas!

April 20, 2018

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Naomi Sequeira: Why I went vegan.

March 23, 2018

Here at Beleeza, we are all about ethical fashion. We bring sustainability, substance, and style together by using cork fabric to produce on-trend designs. We want to Look good, Feel good and Do good. 


Another great way to do this is to become a vegan. But how easy is becoming a vegan? What are the benefits and how does it make the world a better place?


We are very excited to shine a light on this important topic in our interview with the gorgeous Australian actress, singer, and model Naomi Sequeira, who became a vegan herself. Here are our questions and Naomi's answers on how she became a vegan, what it means for her, and how she inspires others.


What made you start thinking about becoming vegan? 

I had come across a documentary called 'Before The Flood' - which I highly recommend - and it discussed the dangers of climate change and possible solutions. One of the solutions was to cut meat out of your diet and I learned that giving up meat was the most efficient, cheapest & sustainable thing anyone could do to save our planet and majorly reduce our carbon footprint.


Straight after my lovely vegan friend introduced me to another incredible documentary 'Cowspiracy' - 'The Earthlings' I went vegetarian, and a month after I went vegan.


How long have you been a Vegan for? 


For over a year now!



Did you find that becoming a vegan was a hard choice to put into practice?


It's funny because when I ate meat, I thought it would be impossible to become a vegan! But the further I researched the easier it was. I went vegan for our planet, our animals, my health & world hunger. It was a complete no-brainer andI'm very proud of myself and others who have transitioned or are transitioning to become vegan.

Have you experienced any health benefits since becoming a vegan? 


YES! It's really crazy. I think the 'Vegan Glow' is a real thing, haha! I can go to the toilet properly and not be in any pain. There are so many unexpected benefits of being a vegan.


I've noticed that I have a lot more energy, I feel healthier and I've become more of a compassio


nate and wiser person. That sounds weird but it's true, I just feel like a better person inside and out.


Every time I hang out with my friends and whenever we pass a dog, for some reason the dog always comes up to me. I think he/she knows that I don't eat animals or something, it's really cool and it never happened before! The other week a cute puppy ran up to me and the owner told me that her dog never does that to strangers! I was very touched.


What are some of the biggest environmental changes you hoping to be a part of by becoming a vegan?


To save more land, prevent deforestation, to save our ocean and ecosystems. Becoming a vegan benefit the environment in so many ways. Here is a link I found very interesting:


What is the biggest impact you would like to make by being a vegan?

I would like to impact everyone in a positive light and I would love everyone to do more research on how they can help our environment by choosing sustainable and ethical options.


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